Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tortillas in Black-eye Bean Chilli

I am crazy about fast food but i make sure to eat healthy version or fast food atleast when i am preparing, so here tortilla is whole meal and i am using black-eye beans which is full of protein, fibre  iron and many more nutrition benefits. This recipe is from book "The Bumper Vegetarian Cookbook". You can replace half of black-eye beans with red kidney beans. You can serve this as side dish, starter or as meal it self... Enjoy...i will suggest try this as breakfast for super yummy taste and tummy full in minutes of time.


4 warmed wholemeal Tortillas
1 and 1/2 cup soaked and boiled Balck-eye beans
3 tablespoon freshly chopped Coriander
2-3 drops of Tabasco sauce
2 can chopped Tomatoes (approx 400 grams each)
3 Celery sticks, finely chopped
1 Onion chopped
1 tablespoon Olive oil
1 tablespoon fresh basil
1/2 teaspoon balck pepper powder
Salt to taste


Soak beans over night than boil them till turned softened and add salt ( you can replace this and can use cans balck-eye beans) Heat oil in a frying pan, add the onions and celery and cook for 10 minutes until softened. Now add beans, tomatoes and Tabasco sauce to the pan and bring it to the boil, reduce the heat and simmer for another 10 minutes, than add black pepper, salt, coriander and basil. Now heat the tortilla and spoon the bean chilli, roll up and serve with soured cream or you can serve this with tangy dip.

Keep Rocking and Cooking with gangnam style...!!

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